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A background image : for example a picture of your clients wall  can be  uploaded onto our website. In order to show our picture on your clients wall - follow these instructions: 1) click "Select" button. 2) Choose the clients photo and click "open"  3) Click on "Upload" button. Having completed these simple commands, our "IG" picture will be shown on your client's wall!  

In a few steps to your individual image. Choice of the design from one
style, choice of printing material (art paper, canvas, metal foil,
Alu-Dibond, Plexiglas) and the desired size to fit your wall. We print
digitally on all of the innovative materials of the highest quality.
Choose yourself: surface protection, stretcher bars or hangers.
Delivery-Time 2-3 weeks.

Material notes are located at the bottom of this page!
Macke, August
Das helle Haus
Delivery Period: available in 1 - 3 weeks

Print on demand
IG 4195-50

maximum size 140 x 160 cm
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Das helle Haus
available in the following versions:
  • Print on demand 87.5 x 100 cm

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further motives Macke, August



In the Print on Demand segment, we offer the following materials:

1. Images are printed onto high-quality papers which can then be framed in the usual way. We offer six choices of paper::
• high quality satin finished Epson photo paper: roll width 150 cm.
• ECO variant paper: recommended for lamination, roll width 150 cm.
NEW Basic matt paper, comparable to our ECO paper, but with a matt surface. Roll width 150 cm
• Hahnemühle: 100% cotton, Photo Rag Paper: roll width 110 cm.
• Hahnemühle: Baryta FB brilliant white photo paper with the typical gloss of a barium sulphate coating. This is the best choice for black and white images: roll width 150 cm.
• Ivory Matt paper has a coated surface finish which will accent our many images: Roll width 150 cm
NEW - GPMG (Metallic Glossy Paper) This 260g photo paper with its iridescent coating enables a vivid and detailed reproduction of your photo motifs. Roll width 108 cm

2. Premium canvas selection
a. The Artist-Canvas (L01) weighs approx. 350 g/m2. As a result, it lets very little light through and is very durable. Our canvas is made from 100% pure cotton without added polyester. As canvas is a natural product, minor, rare irregularities in the structure and surface are only to be expected. Available for dealers only
b. Premium-Canvas (L03). Best Quality. Varnishing is not required.
Premium canvas (L03) with excellent surface properties. This canvas is processed using a modern printing process and therefore no longer needs to be treated in a time-consuming and cost-intensive manner. 60% cotton / 40% polyester - 440g/qm - maximum print width 150 cm
c. NEW: In addition there is a heat-resistant canvas (L02 - certified according to building material class B1 'flame retardant') for projects in public spaces, hospitals, public authorities or public common rooms (e.g. stairwells in rental properties). Please note that the screen has a slightly yellowish colour of its own. The maximum print width is 140 cm.

3. Alu-Dibond (3 mm aluminium composite board), Here we have two variants:
a. digital-white surface, high-brilliant, like the art print.
b. the metallic brushed butler finish.white and Butler-Finish (brushed).
An aluminium profile frame is attached to the back for stability. The profile frame is fixed with high-quality double-sided adhesive tapes.

4. Acrylic glass (3mm or 6mm acrylic glass): here we print the motif directly from the back onto the Plexiglas plate. Then we reprint 1x white over the entire surface and laminate the whole surface from behind with an opaque PVC material. After that an aluminium profile frame is attached to the back for stability. The profile frame is fixed with high-quality double-sided adhesive tapes. The acrylic glass we use is also certified as 'flame-retardant' according to building material class B1.

NEW: 5. wood: Here we print on a light plywood (Banova). The substrate is primed with a slightly translucent white. The structure, grain and haptics of the medium wood can thus still be seen and felt well. The plate size of 300 x 122 cm limits the size of the finished print.

Care advice:

The surfaces of the papers are very sensitive. They should therefore not be cleaned with damp textiles or aggressive cleaning agents.
The canvas (incl. varnish) can be wiped off with a damp microfibre cloth.
If you apply some behind with a slightly damp cloth or sponge, the tension in the canvas increases again after drying and the picture appears stable in the frame again.
Acrylic glass and aluminium dibond can also be wiped off with a damp cotton cloth.
We print with UV-curing inks that have a good surface hardness. Please do not clean them with a sponge or aggressive cleaning agents.


We provide the canvasses with a 4 cm white border without stretcher bars as standard.
To ensure the canvas reproduction retains as much of the original’s authenticity as possible, it is recommended that the outer edges of the canvas are not simply left as white, unprinted canvas. By ’mirroring‘ the edges by 5 cm, you can create the ideal picture for display with a strech frame (4cm), without an external frame. For the surcharges for mirroring the edges, please refer to our pricing table.

stretcher bars

Our stretcher bars are 100 % natural wood and warp-free. Canvas pictures can be mounted onto 1.9 cm or 4 cm deep stretcher bars. Please specify with your order. With larger pictures we add extra crossbars to reinforce the stretcher frame.


With canvas motifs on stretcher frames, one or two hangers are pre-assembled by us on the wooden frame.
For aluminium and plexiglass motifs, a frame profile is applied to the back. This prevents transverse deformation, stabilizes and can be used as a suspension rail. Here too, one or two eyelets are pre-assembled.