The Company

in the year 1981, when the publishing house was founded and named presciently International Graphics (IG), the art market was booming worldwide. Museums and galleries were springing up around the globe and art fairs were taking place everywhere. In those days, unknown artists made it big almost every day; some went on to become international stars.


Today, modern art has become the elixir of life around the world. Sparkling and all-encompassing, contemporary art represents creativity, cosmopolitanism, intellectual freedom and tolerance. Interesting wall decor became an essential element of daily life and has remained so to this day.  

Of course, back then as today, not every art lover could afford,  nor indeed wanted, an original piece of art. Yet art became a necessity: a need which was satisfied by the rapid development of reproduction technology, culminating in today’s high-quality fine art print, which can hardly be distinguished from the original.

IG combined these two areas – art and innovative reproduction technology. This was the catalyst for International Graphics' success. Over the last three decades, it has become an internationally successful expanding art print publisher, active in all areas related to high-quality art reproduction.  

Together with a team of experienced specialists, IG continuously developed and expanded. Today, more than 2,700 retailers across the world are supplied with high-quality art prints, postcards, posters, fine art prints and much, much more. Reproductions of world-renowned masterpieces are part of IG’s range, as well as exclusive, own-published images from creative contemporary artists, who, until they were featured in the IG catalogue, were completely unknown.


The secret of IG’s success is based on three principles: excellent selections, superb printing techniques and first-class service. The IG-team trawl both the largest international art fairs for art and inspiration as well as the small studios of upcoming artists from across the world.  

IG is not just a mainstream supplier but taps into very particular market niches which are then introduced to retailers. In this way, the IG range is constantly updated, refreshed and remains a source of inspiration. The most important marketing tool for retailers is their 640+ page main catalogue, published annually. This catalogue and the supplements published regularly throughout the year, reproduce the images faithfully allowing retailers to meet every design need of their customers - however unusual those wishes may be!